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is south of nantucket and moving. this is the reason the strong north winds are coming in. that is the reason temperatures are plummeting through boston. there are some reports we have been getting. there are reports of up to 3 to 5 inches of snow in one hour. 20 inches and still snowing hard in it some areas. in boston, over 1 foot of snow. look at these numbers. boston has wind gusts of 76 m.p.h.. we also have r&b -- our own. there is a wind advisory out until 6:00 in the morning. more details on this probably historic storm for new england, and believe it or not, some rain showers will be coming our way in the next few days and why. >> rain showers and 3 to 5 inches per hour. this has grounded many passengers who have been forced to find other destinations. some are spending the night at reagan national airport tonight. this new hampshire couple was hoping to fly out to fort lauderdale but with the planes not flying, they had to do plan b, which they began with this morning. >> we took a bus to the train station and a train. >> we tried to do we had planned on doing all
and to the nantucket area. we have wins real close to 50. 50 miles an hour and in nan ticket, 59 and that is -- nantucket and 59 and that is what makes it dangerous. let's go forward in time and see what is happening through the weekend. the worst of the snow is overnight and that is into new england and new york and looks clear by 6 or 7 in the morning and snowing in boston and maine and that is clearing out for everyone along the east coast. we'll have a pretty good wind tomorrow and that wind will make it feel like that is in to some 20 asor 30s. a lot of snow for new york city. for us, check out the fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. and 40 degrees tomorrow. the gusty wind is making it feel colder and sunday, a few clouds at 48 and sunday night into monday and some rain in the forecast on monday and with that temperature of 52 and begin with the freezeing rain and watching on wednesday and otherwise, the rest of the week is looking nice and we have joe wouldman standing by. you know what? and we want to live vicariously through you, joel and what is going on? >> reporter:
. and that is near nantucket, 37 miles an hour wind gusts with windchills at 6 degrees fahrenheit only and lots of affects up and down the coast and some clear skies, 43 miles per hour wind gusts at national airport and with 46 at bwi fairfield marshal and the winds woke me up last night. i am sure you felt them as well and some can report temperatures, 33 degrees at d.c.; 29 at baltimore at this hour and gone at dulles and monases -- monasses and fredericksburg. fretted wreck is a chilly 23 degrees. we're -- frederick is a chilly 43 degrees and sliding into the course of tomorrow and ahead of that frontal system, we're looking at skiing -- seeing a chance of late-night and overnight sunday night freezeing rain and some rain that will linger through into monday and this is that look at future cast. the moisture is out to the west. overnight into early monday morning, it sticks around through the early morning commute as well and that can see mixed areas to the north and into the early afternoon hours before it's out of here and all said and done. warming up on monday and tuesday, temperatures i
.m. eastern time today for all of massachusetts. this is south, deb. so nantucket and martha's vineyard down there. nantucket county has had its travel ban lifted already. people will start driving in massachusetts in the next two hours. please be careful because there are emergency trucks and utility vehicles that need to get around. it's 24 degrees right now. so it is cold. with that windchill, it's substantially colder pop for those people who don't have power, this remains a serious and potentially deadly storm. we got word of another fatality, a young boy in boston was helping his father shovel snow, went to warm up in the car and was overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning. this remains a deadly storm, still a blizzard for the next hour in parts of massachusetts. it's not over as much as it looks like it's over in other places and there are even blue skies in some places in the northeast, massachusetts continues to get hard. >> that poor family. you look at it, and when the sun comes out and everything seems good, it doesn't seem as threatening. there are those incidents, cars skidding o
. it intensifies as it heads off of cape cod and nantucket. looks like a line from philadelphia southward, you're probably too warm for anything significant but north of there, new england, our computers are hinting at a possibility of a foot to two feet of snow. so very significant high-impact event friday into saturday morning. we'll have more details on that. of course, your nbc station will take you through the storm. that's a look at your national forecast. now, here's a look at weather outside your window. >> so, a nice calm day out there in the areas of the east it actually looks like a decent thursday. charlotte beautiful, 62. the cold air will arrive even in the carolinas as we go throughout the day tomorrow. >> so once again, the bottom line is, anyone planning on traveling friday afternoon, friday night and saturday morning through southern new england, it's going to be a sticky situation. make sure you have alternative plans starting now. >> and when is it out of here, sunday? >> by saturday night. actually fast moving. >> thanks, bill. >>> an odd couple pairing hopes the obama pla
and 59-mile per hour wind gust in nantucket. the highest winds will be at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. for us, showers for the commute home. a few wet roads. winds pick up tonight after midnight. windy and colder tomorrow. milder and very nice on sunday. lots of sunshine and temperatures not quite 50. tonight, mostly cloudy, windy, colder, shower or snow shower possible. winds 15 to 30 and gusty. especially after midnight. by morning, 20s and 30s. partly cloudy, windy, and cold. winds are still 15 to 30. you need to dress for the teens and the twenties in the morning. by afternoon, colder. still sort of windy. winds northwest 10 to 20. high temperatures near 40. good news is, mostly sunny skies. all right, next three days, our 9 weather alerts will be green. looking at 39 tomorrow. almost 40. returning mostly sunny and windy. 47 on sunday. that's pretty nice. a few clouds come in late and mild with showers on monday. temperatures in the low 50s. right now, we're going to keep monday, a green alert. we'll monitor that. next seven days, great tuesday. just a gorgeous tuesday. temperatur
and nantucket, 21 inches. more than 22 in boston. nothing like that here, maybe a quarter inch, up to an inch and a half. elkton is our one town of concern locally. tomorrow, 38, windy. tomorrow night, 20, cold but winds will diminish tomorrow night. next few days, temperatures actually begin a warming trend, into the mid 40's an sunday. we'll be pushing 50's on monday, bringing in the threat for rain. not a wintry mix this same, just rain for monday. there you go. a little bit of everything. biggest impact, again, it's going to be windy, blustery, and cold tonight into early tomorrow. >>> well, we are less than a week away from valentine's day. time for love! >> aw, so sweet. if you are about to celebrate -- >> there are some digital do's and don'ts to keep in mind. here's the latest. >> reporter: thanks to social media, the details of budding relationships can quickly be amplified through an entire list of connections. that can really squash a spark. online etiquette expert says with courtship getting digital, it has created a new list of do's and don'ts. a first date, do put the smartphon
at radar well developed, deep deep low pressure off nantucket. spinning those bands of heavy snow, boston, concord, new hampshire. eastern long island, new york city is not as heavy the storm moved a little faster to the east. new york will be linger being moderate snow for awhile -- lingering with moderate snow for awhile and later tonight clear out. as far as our region is concerned we have wind advisories in effect until 6:00 a.m. could gust over 40 miles an hour. you have already seen some of that across the region. across new england the heaviest snow is boston, providence, some portions of connecticut, 18 to 24 inches or more in some locations looks like new york city will end up with less than 5 or 6 inches, the most heavy stuff has shifted. for our region, when we clear out will we see a warm up on the way? more on the forecast coming up chef. >> thank you. homicide detectives joined the investigation into a suspicious fatal fire. the body of a woman was found in the basement of this burning home in the 5700 block of high gate drive,
the gusty winds and the snow. as we head down the coast, this is near nantucket. 37 miles per hour wind gusts and windchills at 6 degrees right now. anyone who doesn't have any power now, i feel for them because the cold conditions are up and down the mid-atlantic. here at home, things are calmer and we have cold conditions, but we have clear skies as the ridge of high pressure is in control for us, and we did dodge the bullet. we had gusty winds into the course of today. other than, that we had a fair amount of sunshine. skies are clear and there is nothing going on across our immediate area as far as precipitation is concerned right now. our wind gusts, incredible today. 43 miles per hour peak wind gusts at national; 46 at bwi- thurgood national and 55 at dulles. the winds were strong last night and into the course of the early hours of today and now the winds are calm, very, very much improved and we're continuing that into the night and the neighborhood. 31 at dulles and 29 at bpi -- bwi-thurgood marshalls. we have clear skies and a cold night ahead and the winds are improving. back
offshore now. heading up toward eastern section, new england off nantucket. right now, it's 32 off boston. they have wet snow there. 33 in providence. new york around 33 degrees. they're getting a heavy, wet snow, this is going to bring power lines down in that region. for you, a little light band of shower activity. maybe snow flakes coming in the next hour or two. for us, generally what we're looking at are wind issues, later on late tonight through tomorrow morning. wednesday's storm wraps up. we could get wind gusts overnight into tomorrow morning. but it's been mild. still 42 degrees here. the only really cooler spots out to the west, where there may be accumulations out in the mountain areas. might see some flurry activities here. really don't expect much in the way of accumulation. the ground is pretty wet. and right now, it's pretty warm. tim has a look at the utback and the storm -- outback and this storm. >> as bob mentioned, the moisture is moving the real punch, the bulk of it is moving up new england offshore. we have been watchi
. this is south, nantucket and martha's vineyard. what we've got right now is a high tide that's coming in in the next couple hours and the worst of the storm, as jason said, coming in after midnight. we're not getting the accumulation they're getting in boston because we have a ground temperature issue here. chad can tell you more about this, but it was -- it was a little bit warm all day, so we were getting what was rain most of the day. even with the snow, we have had very, very heavy snowfall all day, but there's not much accumulation here, a couple inches. the issue is that it's a lot of it was melting as it got down, but the snowfall is very heavy. we're getting accumulation on the streets. a lot of concerns about power outages. i have seen the lights flicker around here, but for the moment we still have power. this is only going to get worse over the course of the next few hours. >> i want to ask you who you upset to get this assignment because it looks miserable where you are. the cold, the wet, the storm surge, that's a big concern there, right? >> yeah. yeah, it is. look, we a
to the bottom right corner of cape cod. that is further out in the ocean. this is nantucket sound. martha's vineyard this way. south and boston is over there. we are going to have something worse right now than we had half an hour ago. i don't know whether this will go on for a little while but i have not seen this when for about two or three hours. it is stronger than it has been for a while. >> or if you saying earlier your ears have been popping because of this? >> say that again? >> you may not be able to hear me because of the land but because of all of this your ears have been popping up. is that to show had tremendous it is? >> that is interesting. at one point we felt our ears pop. as if you're going downhill or in a plane. and chad was describing that was where these two weather systems causing this collided. they came together and you saw a precipitous drop in atmospheric pressure. if you have a broader on your mantel, you would have seen a drop. that indicated a change in the weather. this is an unusual personality over the last 12 hours because it was actually quite warm here.
goes on vacation there, and he goes there. and she goes to nantucket and he goes later. >> are you going to criticize the president for vacations. george w. bush the most vacationing president in history. >> sean: he went to his ranch, and stayed at his ranch. >> that's a vacation at taxpayer expense. if you want to criticize you have to-- >> the rounds of golf, you don't think-- >> george w. bush took over 178 days of vacation already at this point that barack obama 78, so if you want to do apples to apple. >> sean: and bicycle. >> and the president has a travelling white house-- >> and bicycle and stop flying around on the airplane we're paying for, billy cunningham. >> sean hannity has the fact na obama equals the rounds of golf at that george bush had in eight years and the circumstance tonight on the nbc nightly news i'm sure you didn't watch it. andrea mitchell did a story on this and the video was not obama playing one of his 116 rounds of golf. and the video nbc used was of president george bush playing golf. so the fact of the matter is the media doesn't get it. obama's ar
, but the winds will not. they had 83 mile-an-hour wind gusts around nantucket last night. good morning, san jose, 34 for you and 33 in livermore. 45 in strategy. numbers still just below freezing in gilroy and 35 in salinas. clear and cool this morning. high tide at 10:20, 6.75 feet. maybe localized flooding and milder weather to come throughout the middle of the week. we have a little snow in southern california. still cold in the northern sierra and 10 at lake tahoe. a fair weather maker and we continue to see the northeasterly winds. that will bring the dry atmosphere. it will build in. that will bring slight warming beginning monday. today, still cool in the mountains, 33. 42 in yosemite with 58 in los angeles and back home for fan fest, 56. 58 for san jose. to 60 in oakland. 56 in san mateo. 61 up in cloverdale. we are looking at 58 in salinas today. you know we are looking at pretty neat run. it's called cupid's undie run. they are trying to raise money. it's kicking off on scott street. you are looking for something to do, mid-week, more rain. >> katie: if you need inspiration for your we
-per-hour winds around the cape, island, nantucket. that is all winding down. and today and tomorrow, more gusts in the 20s and 30s. blowing the snow around. >> all right. that's still going to be a hazard for a lot of people traveling on the roads. and speaking of those traveling on the road -- on no, we're not going to ashley. we'll save her for later. >>> it's been a busy week in the news. did you hear about the iranian president's near hit with a shoe in the face? we'll have it next. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. it's just common sense. all stations come over to mithis is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places be
gusting up there right now, 52-mile an hour wind gusts for boston, out at nantucket the 59 mile-per- hour wind gusts and hyannis now gusting to 60 miles per hour. most of the sustained winds up there are a little bit below the blizzard threshold right now, but this storm is still strengthening. it just began to phase a couple hours ago and that is basically what is going to see this thing really begin to get stronger out there as time goes by overnight tonight. just so you know, here are our wind gusts, 28 miles per hour in town, close to 40 for gaithersburg, dulles 45-mile an hour gusts. the wind advisory has been extended for just about everybody west of the bay, okay? there's a couple counties down south that are not in this yet, may have to be added to it. gusty wind overnight tonight and at least for the first part of tomorrow but again, brian, it's not a blizzard for us. we do have a storm system coming in next week, though, that we'll keep a close eye on. fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast is coming up. >>> the wicked weather leaving travelers stranded and causing major problems
nantucket, cape cod and martha's vineyard. around here, howard, montgomery, loudoun, points west and north under the winter weather advisories until 10:00 a.m. and we've got a report of some snow and sleet mixing in from ijamsville out to winchester. this is the first storm i was just talking about. the bulk of that is going to head north and some of the rain the going to head -- is going to head to garrett county. but this storm is going more that way so the bulk of that storm is going to stay east. and when the western fringe of this first storm, we've got some snow falling you see it now moving up toward frederick, across areas in toward loudoun county and western loudoun county round hill and an unofficial report of a couple of inches there on the ground. and just a dusting to maybe half an inch across many areas in the i-81 corridor this morning as you zoom in. western montgomery, northern montgomery, places like clarksburg, damascus, dickerson probably seeing a little bit of that snow sleet rain mix and you get west down route 15, we're seeing some snow there. also into northern fauq
, salisbury picked up almost 1.75 inches rain. low pressure now, heading up toward east of nantucket. heavy precip out of the ocean. that's all rain snow line now from new york to easton, providence, rhode island. some of those bands may drop 2 to 3 inches of snow in an hour. in our region, we will see wind out of this system once it passes, with wind gusts over 40 miles an hour possible across north central portions of maryland. and the shenandoah valley to the west of us. that's in effect from late tonight, through tomorrow morning. but temperature-wise, we're still in the 30s. 37. 37 in elkton. it's warmer to the south. cold spot, oakland with shower activity there, expect it tonight. 32 degrees. now, what impact this is going to have on the northeast. particularly massachusetts, rhode island, connecticut and the new york region. tim williams is in the outback. tim? >> definitely the storm merged north and northeast of us. the moisture from the storm coming up along our east coast, along with the cold air that moved in across the great lakes
end of long island. we're talking about getting close to hurricane-force winds, nantucket, hurricane-force winds all night long, into saturday, poor visibility, dangerous conditions, drifting snow. it is going to be a mess, brian. we're going to continue to cover it all night long on the weather channel. we'll start at 5:00 on "wake up with al" and a full report again tomorrow morning on the "today" show. brian? >> all right, al, thanks. just enough snow to wreak havoc with microphones from time to time. al roker in boston. as they say during storms like this if you're not where you want to be already, there's little use in trying. that means rails, roads and especially the air space along the northeast. nbc's rehema ellis is at new york's laguardia airport. she was ordered outside the airport when the inside was shut down late today. raheema, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. this is how the storm is impacting travel. look here at one of the country's busiest airports. new york's laguardia is virtually empty on a friday evening. the monitors inside the terminal tell th
, providence, nantucket, all the way out even into hartford, connecticut, and through all of connecticut proper. new york city may get another 4 inches of snow. what new york city got today was the presip that should have been or could have been snow. was a rain-snow mix. so it's mucky out there. shears slush in the streets. butt tonight after 9:00, 10:00, it's going to get below 32 and that's going to flash freeze. then it's going to snow, 3 to 4 inches, not much more, we're not seeing 20 inches. then 4 inches of snow on top of ice that you can't see. trying to walk around, big ruts, big things. there's going to be so much ice under that snow. that's the danger of new york city, i believe, right now. now, there is thunder snow happening in parts of connecticut and long island. that's how hard it is snowing. ali velshi is right there, in case you didn't understand where he was, on the bottom of the hook. here's boston. look at this blue area of snow right there. that's the heaviest snow about to approach boston. it's through providence, about to get to hartford, all the way down to all of the b
going to see maybe record breaking conditions. nantucket already a wind of 59 miles per hour. and this is just the beginning of it i'm sure we are going to see something over hurricane force. >> shepard: i hate to pour salt in a wound. there is another storm after this. >> really active weather pattern going on. i'm glad you brought this up. out across the west right now. rain and snow in southern california. i want to bring this up because people we are talking so much about this storm. a couple things to watch this weekend. a blizzard watch in effect across the northern plains. we might see 12 to 18 inches of snow here. sunday into sunday night across parts of nebraska and dakotas and minnesota. that same storm brings a severe weather threat. saturday, a chance of tornadoes across west texas and parts of oklahoma. sunday, down across parts of the deep south tornado threat as well. and then for the northeast, right where we are here, shep, their models are indicating a thursday storm, another nor'easter. >> shepard: hey, rick, it's 78 in boca raton going to 82 in naples tomo
cod, halfway down that bottom, the south side of cape cod. for our viewers, nantucket, martha's vineyard are over there, chatham, cape cod, the eastern corner is over there. providence, rhode island, is over there, and jason is over there. this has become worse, but all along the coast, from north of massachusetts, all the way around cape cod, to the south and then down to new york, we're in a flood zone. there is a severe flooding alert around those areas. that's problem number one. chris, problem number two is this wind. you said it a few minutes ago. a blizzard is not made by the snow. i'm getting all sorts of tweets from people in the midwest and ca canada saying what are you complaining about? we get more snow all the time. you don't get it with this speed and velocity. we have that going on. just about a half hour ago when i was on with antderson, a transformer blew. there are 130,000 customers across the northeast without power. roads are blocked. trees are taking out power lines. that's the problem we've got. here on cape cod, as you know, chris, probably about a quart
at 69 in nantucket. now it's at 63. this persistent northeast wind is going to cause some significant coastal problems. all of these areas impacted by sandy, dealing with maybe a 3 to 5-foot storm surge and strong waves with it. the worst storm surge will be here, across parts of maine and massachusetts, the coastline, waves likely 20 feet high in addition to storm surge, coinciding with a new moon tide in the morning. that means we'll have major problems, probably record-breaking coastal erosion problems across parts of massachusetts. here's a look at the future radar, what we'll be seeing. it's all snow for everybody at this point. cold enough air has moved on in. we'll be seeing these temps continue to drop. the snow will continue very heavily across new york city until around 5:00 in the morning. and then it will continue to remain heavy across parts of connecticut, rhode island, and by maybe around midday tomorrow we'll start to see it wind down a little bit in toward the boston area, but temps remain very, very cold. additional snowfall totals are shaping up like this, about 7 i
of the wind that is picking up as well, we've had hurricane-force gusts on nantucket island, we are starting to see power outages now in massachusetts alone, up to 30,000 plus without power. we're afraid that's going to continue to go up. we've got long island, connecticut, rhode island, new hampshire, massachusetts, and probably parts of maine as well that are going to be dealing with these. national grid says about 100,000. i'm thinking about 250 before all is said and done. the problem is once those lines come down, once those poles come down, you're going to have to remove all this snow before you can get in there and do some of the repairs. so it's kind of a twofold problem here. and unfortunately one that they've warned people once you do lose power, especially if it's a severe case, it's going to be probably a week before you get that power back on, even though there are many crews on standby to get in there and help with the situation. the problem again, though, is to get the snow out of the way first. then we can get in on some of these roads and obviously get these power poles back
-an-hour range in boston. we're at 62 in nantucket. that's going to remain around that rate for probably about the next 6-7 hours. that means we'll continue to see storm surge and a lot of coastal flooding, areas that were impacted by sand panda partiall. a storm surge along with this, coinciding with a new moon tide tomorrow morning. unfortunately we'll see a lot of damage with it. greta? >> greta: rick, thank you. we'll check back in with you later. now to the boston area where they are bracing for several peat of snow. fox news correspondent molly line is live in boston. molly, you've got not only the snow, but the 54-mile-an-hour wind that rick just talked about. >> absolutely brutal, greta. it's like you queued the wind. just came up even heavier as i'm standing here. the wind and snow coming down harder in the recent hours. the governor earlier today issued an executive order banning all nonessential travel on the highways. this of course being the highway. we just saw a plow going by. those are the folks allowed to be out here, the first responders, the firefighters, people involved in
, 74. nantucket, 69. it's these east and north facing beaches that we're concerned with tonight and tomorrow with extreme beach erosion. high tide right now. that's going to go out, come back in. the worst of the high tides will be the next one, saturday morning around 9:30 or 10:00, we'll have surge issues. also big breakers as high as 20 footers hitting these beaches south of here. like sedgewick where police have asked those in beach front homes to get to higher ground. no stranger to flooding. and power companies saying if power goes out, it could be out for at least three days. speaking of that, the two major power companies in massachusetts, end star and national grid now reporting 143,000 customers without power. that number has tripled in the past 90 minutes. that will likely go up with these wind gusts over 60 miles an hour. that's taking trees and limbs down over power lines. the wind is beginning to shift a little bit. now an east-northeasterly wind, blowing the snow sideways. the sea wall is keeping the water out of the street here on revere beach boulevard. long way
for massachusetts coastline and all the islands, nantucket to plum island. they are concerned about stituet. two to three feet on top of the surge 20 to 22-foot waves. not here, we've got protection, but down to the south, already a lot of residents of beachfront homes, left and headed to higher ground. evacuated yesterday. nothing mandatory, but local police said you might want to think about this and they know how things go down here. a lot of snow, a lot of drifting, but just about everybody stayed off the road. we have been out here all night long, the plows have been coming up and down revere beach boulevard. here comes one now around the circle. huge mound of snow. a lot of snow out here and three to four foot drifts, and they have been able to do their job all night long to keep these roads passable, and that will make the cleanup and the digout that much better. alex, once we get through high tide, the coastal issues go away and we'll end those, and we have to dig out of this, and based what i saw at the stop n shop yesterday and the day before, a lot of people said, hey, we'll spend the
a great interactive map. you can look at the ireports that come in. for instance, let's go to nantucket island. look at this. it played. that's cool. yeah, you know -- you can see what's happening, that happened a few hours ago. that's the scene there. ireports are still coming in. we appreciate everything that you bring in to us. you bring them to us, and we'll pass them on, thank you. >> all right, george. thank you very much. we do appreciate it. remember, keep it safe out there. >> absolutely. >> get your pictures as best you can. okay. >>> big week for my next guest. elle varner, hit song "refill" up for a grammy sunday. that's after picking up an image award for outstanding new artist. she joins me from los angeles. seems i have to say like your rise to fame has happened so fast. your debut album of just released a few months back, and there you are up for awards, singing at the united nations with stevie wonder. and maybe, you know, coolest of all, you know, you've won over very big fans at the white house. michelle obama and her daughter, malia. and -- >> yes. >> just 23 years o
it statewide at 4:00 p.m. they've already lifted it for nantucket county and some areas around there, but for the rest of the kounl ti they're lifting the travel ban but there will be a lot of people without power. it is substantially colder than it was last night. in fact, we went down for a couple of hours last night, and when we got back up this morning the door to our satellite truck was frozen shut, took us an hour to open our own satellite truck. the conditions are still very, very poor arnold here. people are going to start driving when that travel ban is lifted at 4:00 and we'll run into the same problems you're talking about, ashleigh. if you get out and clog the roads as much as you want to, as much as you're getting cabin fever, be careful because there are emergency crews that need to get around and those bucket trucks need to get around to start helping people. i'm on the bottom coast of cape cod about halfway down. go east to chatham, 30 miles, take a left turn, start going up that northeast coast of cape cod, they've got some damage around there and there is some shore
to have skin in the game and all of the rich people, she flies to aspen and flies separately to nantucket or wherever they went to, i forget and take the extravagant vacations and americans are suffering, they've lost 22% of their wealth and 50 million americans on food stamps and they seem out of touch and get away with it. >> and they're not going to get away with it anymore, especially after the oscars where she overstepped her bounds, as you mention, people even on her own side believe she's now overexposed half dozen appearances on all of the shows over a little over the last week now. what is going on here? is she running for office? it doesn't really matter. the point is that whatever she does works in concert and synergy with her husband's agenda and they're trying to make it seem as if this woman relates to normal people when as you say, she is on the order of a marie antoinette. they need to be able to make fun of themselves at the same time they're making serious policy points about how this administration is it running us into thground. and that's why the raise the debt ceilin
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